Online Coaching via Email

What is online email coaching?

When we utilize the internet for coaching interactions, this is called online coaching. Email exchanges are one of the most common types of online coaching.

Is online email coaching similar to in-office coaching?

Online coaching is NOT the same as in-office coaching. Unlike face-to-face coaching, online email coaching cannot rely on visual and vocal cues and clues.  The personal issues being discussed must be typed out in words – this takes introspection and thought. Online coaching depends entirely on the written word and honesty.

Is online email coaching expensive?

I do try to make sure email coaching is affordable, and that there are different options depending upon your needs.

Coaching through email must be prepaid. Paypal is the preferred payment option, which allows you to pay via bank transfer or credit card. If you know you will want to exchange several emails, you might want to consider purchasing more sessions up-front, to save money.

1 Session One email from client: one email from coach $35.00
2 Sessions Two emails from client: two emails from coach $60.00
4 Sessions Four emails from client: four emails from coach $110.00
6 Sessions Six emails from client: six emails from coach $180.00

Is online email coaching private and confidential? 

Your privacy and confidentiality is important. It is essential that you are prudent in protecting your privacy. Be mindful of how treatment-related emails are stored. Protect your device from unauthorized access by using and keeping secret your passwords. Delete emails that you do not want others to see. Empty your trash and recycle bins. If you print out emails, store them securely. Be aware that emails sent from a workplace computer are the property of your employer.

For online email coaching, I have a special safe-mail address which utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol, and thus, is highly secure. My email response(s) to you will be from  You may also choose to set-up an email account through It is free and simple to start.

I will send my response(s) to the email address provided by you.

The same limits to confidentiality and privacy that apply with in-office coaching, also apply to online coaching. I will email a Paypal invoice, prior to sending my response(s).

Ready to get started? 

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