Private Coaching via Skype or Phone

Private Coaching via Skype or Phone is the easiest way to have our weekly coaching sessions. We can connect from anywhere in the world, at any time that works for both our schedules.

I understand when anyone invests in something they want to see a return on their investment. People tend to see a qualified coach versus a therapist because they want to see tangible results as an outcome of their investment of time, energy and money into the coaching process. Therefore during our sessions we will work together to set achievable goals, and we will make time to acknowledge and celebrate the small steps along the way. I also will ask for your feedback at the end of each session to make sure that you are achieving the results you want.

I will do an initial assessment after reviewing your Intake Form and we will work toward your top goal(s). As we proceed with our sessions I will give you home assignments to complete. And throughout this process I can adjust strategies to make sure we are on track with your goal(s) and you are getting the most out of each session.

1 Month Private Coaching via Skype or Phone – $1,000 (This includes the following:)

4 weekly sessions – 1-hour in length each

1 weekly ‘touch base’ 15-minute call

2 weekly support text interactions

1 hour of support research


Ready to get started? 

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