April is Stress Awareness Month – Sexual Activities Release Positive Stress-Busting Endorphins

Sunny Rodgers in the laboratory

Every April as those April Showers appear, stress rears its ugly head. I have to be beach-ready in how many weeks? How much is Spring Break going to cost me this year (I’ve just paid off that killer outfit from New Year’s Eve!)? And when, oh when, will it ever stop raining? There’s little question why April has been dubbed Stress Awareness Month since 1992.

Every April health experts hope to increase awareness about the causes of our modern stress epidemic. Yes, stress kills. Stress can also wear us out and take away our desire for fun and happiness. I could go on and on about the evils of stress. But instead, let’s focus on ways to alleviate some of our stress.

Personally, masturbation has always been my go-to stress reliever. And I may not be the only one. According to Reader’s Digest Best Health magazine, masturbation allows you to focus on just one thing, which can help you relax. This also has to do with dopamine, a chemical that your brain releases during sexual activity that gives us a sense of pleasure. Endorphins are also released during masturbation, which gives us a sense of well-being.

So besides masturbation, what are some simple ways to de-stress? I like to take a look at all five senses and see where stress can be curbed.

Let’s start with scent. How often does a scent bring back a memory for you? Often those memories can relax us and take our minds to another time, another place. For me, I love rich, musky, masculine scents that make me feel pleasantly aroused. Might I recommend the irresistibly sexy scents of Sir Richard’s Slick Dick’s GUY GREASE? Offered in three enticing scents, FORCE, MOXIE and VIGOR, these affordable solid cologne’s create a strong allure and make you want to take deep, relaxing breaths. Ahhhhhh.

Taste is my favorite sense. While most of us automatically think a pint of ice cream will melt our stress away, I’m going to recommend a less calorically-harmful option – remember, swimsuit season is around the corner. JIMMYJANE BREATHE ME Kissable Body Scents are designed to leave a sweet alluring taste on your lips. Their three signature flavors, Vanilla, Strawberry and Coconut, impart a comforting flavor that tastes as good as it smells. Whether you’re wearing them for yourself or someone special, these tasty treats are sure to lift your mood.

Sight is so important. According to Psychology Today, men’s arousal is extremely sensitive to visual cues. It’s also thought that sight is key to fueling a woman’s fantasies, which in turn act as a welcome, calming escape from everyday stress and pressure. One way to whet your lover’s visual appetite and arouse your own is to try pleasure products that are beautiful, as well as functional. The JIMMYJANE Intro Fantasy Set is visually gorgeous and offers inspiring titillation that will remove most stressors right out of your mind.

Sound is also influential when it comes to beating stress. How often do you hear calming music and immediately think of a spa? Isn’t it amazing how sounds can take your mind to certain places? So let’s start a new sound association for you. I’m going to suggest a leather flogger.  First, there is nothing sexier than having a partner that trusts you and is willing to surrender to deep desires. And as a lucky plus to this adventure, the sound of leather smacking bare skin offers a thrilling sound that is sure to incite unexpected pleasure. The JIMMYJANE Seduce Me Pony Flogger features a swath of long suede tresses that can be playfully draped over sensitive body parts to heighten senses, or used to whip, caress, or spank – depending upon your mood. Of course, adding your own seductive music selection to this experience will make this even more blissful.

This brings us to touch. Touch is connection and connection can be arousing or serene. Since April is Stress Awareness Month, let’s focus on the blissful aspects of touch. Normally I’d recommend old-fashioned massage oil. But what fun would that be? I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my favorite way to give and receive a calming, sensual massage. If you’ve never experienced a massage oil candle, you’re in for a treat! The JIMMYJANE Afterglow Candles are natural massage oil candles that emit provocative  aphrodisiac scents and as an added bonus, they melt into a soothing massage oil. Because these little gems are made with soy, they burn at a lower temperature than regular wax candles. The feeling of warm wax being poured on skin is enough to banish stress on its own, but then the geniuses at JIMMYJANE upped their game even further by creating the Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone. When the melted massage oil from the Afterglow Candle is poured into the cleverly-designed Contour M, the ceramic stone heats up to just the right temperature. Plus, Contour M glides across the body and the massage oil provides just the right amount of slip. The rounded corners of the Contour M make it easy to give a mind-melting massage even with minimal effort.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sexual activities release positive stress-busting endorphins and can increase self-confidence and lower the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. So why not make time in your busy life to enjoy one of these recommendations for utilizing your sexuality and senses to alleviate the stress in your life. Cheers to less stress!