Why does summer bring out the passion in everyone? It could be because you’re naturally hot and sweaty during summer months because of heat and humidity , so this leads to less clothing and more skin, relaxation and lower inhibitions. Warm summer months make your body feel free and alive, and what better way to celebrate this euphoric feeling than with a romp in the hay, literally.

When pursuing outdoor loving, first and foremost check for poison oak and poison ivy – trust me on this. Optimally, find a good private location outdoors because you’ll find it freeing to be as noisy as you want, which can feel sexy and primal.

Since sex is such a sensory experience, the great outdoors is the perfect place to expand upon sounds, scents and sights. Just like the scent of cinnamon can arouse men, fresh air can be an aphrodisiac.

If you do decide to take your sexy adventures deep into wooded territory or to a secluded beach there are a few items I suggest you bring with you in your backpack:

Outdoor Love Backpack List

#1 – Lubricant or intimate body lotion, preferably with a cap that has convenient closure for travel (this should really travel with you on any adventure)

#2 – Sunscreen (let’s be honest, there are going to be parts of your body being revealed that normally don’t see the sun)

#3 – Water (men who are properly hydrated can extend the duration of their erection)

#4 – Rechargeable pleasure products are perfect for outdoor adventures. No need to worry about electricity or dead batteries.

#5 – Blankets are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without getting pine needles or sand stuck to your nether regions.

#6 – Hand wipes are also a good way to clean up after you have fun getting dirty.

Are you ready to check outdoor loving off your sex to-do list and enjoy animalistic exhilaration without walls? It’s time for you to celebrate summer loving and enjoy the thrill of nonconforming sex!

Additional Helpful Tips:

* Be sure to fully charge any rechargeable pleasure products that you bring with you.

* Condoms are not biodegradable so be prepared and remember the hiker’s moto – pack it in, pack it out

* Although you’re in the wilderness, be sure to keep an eye out for other hikers or park rangers just in case you do want total privacy. And, be mindful that there could be wildlife out there with you. A word of wisdom – do not get so encompassed in the moment that you get eaten by a bear.

And remember that outdoor sex isn’t just for couples – there’s nothing like a solo sex session in the warm sunshine.