USA Today’s Modern Wellness Guide – 4 Reasons Why Sex Toys Are Really Important

It’s never too late to keep an eye on your sexual wellness.

Your sexuality is constantly evolving. Just like hobbies, passions, and lifelong friendships, your sexuality changes, grows and adapts with you. But, what if your sexuality growth is stagnant? 

Considering most people today are intensely busy, overly stimulated, and perpetually stressed, nourishing your sexuality is often overlooked. Your sexuality is an important part of your overall health and wellness. New Year’s is the perfect time to add “explore sexuality” to your list of resolutions!

Here are four ways that sex toys can help you explore your sexuality while making you happier and healthier:

1. Sex toys help you realize that sexuality is an integral part of your health

Every day more people are discovering the health benefits of self-care and self-love. Having regular orgasms may increase your lifespan since every time you reach orgasm your body releases DHEA, which is a hormone known to boost immune systems, improve cognition, and keep skin healthy-helping you look younger, longer. Estrogen, a hormone essential for healthy, smooth skin, is also released during orgasms. 

Orgasms also produce a chemical called oxytocin, which works as a natural pain reliever and can help reduce headaches and muscle aches. And, orgasms can lead to better sex by strengthening muscle tone in the genital and pelvic floor area, which in turn creates more fulfilling intimate experiences and authentic sexual pleasure.

2. Sex toys can encourage you to love your body

Exploring intimate sensations using sex toys allows you to learn how wonderful your body truly is and how much pleasure it can provide you. Sex toys can provide clitoral or frenulum stimulation to make your body flush and your pulse quicken — both of which are sure signs of love. 

Intimate pleasure products can allow you to find new pleasure that you didn’t even know you would ever like! You didn’t know you would love ice cream until you tried it, right? The same thing can occur when you explore your sexuality using sex toys. 

By using a simple handheld massager, you can learn where your most sensitive areas are and how transformative your unique sexual responses are. Sexuality exploration can truly let you love yourself. 

3. Sex toys can increase your confidence

What if you didn’t have to rely on anyone else for your own personal enjoyment? What if you could show your partner exactly where your most sensitive spots are and how your body can respond to their extra attention? 

Exploring your sexuality alone is great practice for being a more sexual person overall. The more you become in command of your pleasure, the better you understand how your body responds to vibration, and the more confident you become, will all translate into a sexy self-assuredness that is priceless. 

4. Sex toys make your libido strong and healthy

Due to every day busy situations, social influences, stress, medication, or age, libidos can fluctuate and/or decrease. Thankfully, using sex toys can help heighten your sexuality, increase your sex drive, and help repair your libido. 

Intimate pleasure products provide specific stimulation that can make you experience all-new pleasing sensations. The more you find time to awaken sexual arousal using sex toys, the more responsive your body becomes. Your sexuality and sex drive ramp up by simply enjoying these personal pleasures. 

Explore your sexuality in 2019!

Envision your new year filled with confidence, sexual wellness, and positive health benefits all by focusing on nourishing your own sexuality. Start slow. Be curious. Give yourself permission to enjoy sex toys and be your own sexual inspiration. Sexuality is healthy — let’s make this your healthiest year ever!