Are you ready for the Holiday Season Sex? Easy Ways to prepare for your Sexiest Holiday Season EVER!

Poof! The Holidays are upon us! Are you ready???


Best Sex Positions  for your Post-Thanksgiving Feast

First, when you and your partner both have full tummies, this may be the perfect time for a mutual masturbation session rather than belly-bumping. This gives you both the opportunity to get into a super comfy position and use your hands or sex toys to bring each other to climax. As an added bonus, you can finally tell him just how much you enjoy his finger technique or the fact that he loves to use your tiny clit toy on you.

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If actual intercourse is the only dessert you’re interested in, then get ready for a couple of the laziest sex positions you can think of. First up – Spooning! Both partners lie down on their sides and have one partner curl up next to your back and enter you from behind. It’s an easy position to get in and neither partner has to exert themselves too much.

Next up – the Side by Side. Lie down facing your partner and have your partner throw their leg over you. Just like spooning, this position doesn’t require a lot of action but does allow for depth; and allows both partners to easily control thrusting speed.

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Another option is to have one partner lie down on the edge of the bed, with a fluffy pillow under your head of course. This position allows your partner to basically walk into your vagina with little effort. And, you can wrap your legs around your partner’s waist to help control the pace of your lovemaking.


How do you prevent the dreaded ‘Tryptophan Coma ‘?

L-tryptophan (its full name) is just one of the many amino acids that is found in turkey. Tryptophan is well known for creating the ‘Sleepy Thanksgiving’ effect because it plays a key role in creating serotonin, a chemical your body produces that is associated with sleep, but is also associated with decreased arousal.

Yes, tryptophan can affect a person’s sex drive. BUT, there’s a way to lessen the effects of this sex drive killer! Tryptophan needs an additional ingredient in order to easily enter your system and cause an effect. This additional ingredient is carbohydrates. So, if you have the strength to bypass Grandma’s delicious stuffing and everyone’s favorite Hawaiian rolls when you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving turkey, then your chances are good that you’ll feel delightfully relaxed but not ready for a nap.


Family, Family Everywhere – How do you fit in Sexy Time?

Sex is a natural stress reliever and always a great way to connect with your partner, so making time for it during a nerve-racking holiday season is important. Along with being with family, the holiday season is also your opportunity to sparkle, shine and create wonderful new memories with your partner. So one suggestion I consistently give my clients is to focus on the good things that are a part of this season (like those furry hand cuffs secretly stashed in your purse, wink, wink).

That said, there are ways to make your holiday season sexy by looking at your opportunities a little differently. Rather than opt out of sex play when you’re around family, plan on a quiet tryst where the sounds of your intimate breathing is sexier than any screaming sex session. And, having to be conscientiously sneaky and plan your secret sex options together can actually act as foreplay with you and your partner.

When your holiday season is all about food – where does sex fit in?

According to the New York Times, people gain on average 5-10 pounds during the holidays. So you’re not alone if food plays a significant part of your Fall festivities.

It is hard to not indulge. However, why not challenge yourself to ease into your healthy resolutions before the New Year? It doesn’t have to negatively impact your holiday celebrations – limit yourself to two cookies rather than the entire gingerbread house, or promise yourself to not go back for a second helping.

But there is good news about keeping sex on your holiday agenda! According to Prevention magazine, during a 25 minute romp that includes foreplay, men can burn 100 calories while women expend 69, so getting frisky has its benefits as well.

Dinner party, followed by dinner party, followed by… Sex or Dessert?

Food and sex play can definitely have an effect of each other. And the desire for both is strong because each provides an immediate rush of pleasure. So how best to balance both during a time of year when they’re prevalent?

There’s a reason mistletoe is hung everywhere! I love the idea of having sex BEFORE the dinner party so both sex play and dinner can both be equally enjoyed fully. On the other hand, I think it’s also fun to treat dinner like foreplay. Especially when you’re wearing a discreet panty vibe and your dinner partner has the remote control.

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Dinner gives you both the opportunity to flirt with each other, whisper what you plan to do to each other after dinner, feed each other, and include an aphrodisiac or two with your meal. Organic Authority maintains a list of aphrodisiac choices – oysters and chocolate can easily be incorporated into holiday fare. And, the scent of cinnamon has been found to increase blood flow to men’s genitals, so use meal options to your full advantage!

So from me to you – Happy Thanksgiving!





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