Intimate Massage in 4 Easy Steps for Better Health + Stronger Orgasms

Touch has been found to be one of the true healing sources available to just about anyone. And using touch for an intimate massage can elevate this healing and connection in so many wonderful ways.


According to the Journal of Holistic Nursing, hands-on healing has been found in cultures throughout history around the world and is also known as a biofield therapy. A few reported massage benefits are decreased anxiety and pain, and increased relaxation and a sense of well-being.

So where do you start?

Most people hold their stress in the upper back and shoulders, so to really make an immediate transformation start there.

Intimate Massage in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Smooth Moves

The main purpose of massage oil is to lubricate the skin to reduce friction and provide a smooth glide while performing a massage. Many massage oils also offer healing and nourishing ingredients. And while you can create your own unique aromatherapy blend using essential oils blended with your massage oil, there are other great options available, such as soy massage candles that melt into a warm massage blend.

The proprietary formulation of Jimmyjane’s AFTERGLOW Massage Oil Candle contains nurturing ingredients – Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe – that feed your skin. A massage candle provides an optimum intimate experience because it engages your senses with scent and temperature, as well as a warm to ward off cold hands. Candles are also great for setting a romantic mood.

Pro Tip: Some oils aren’t fabric-friendly so check the formula first or lay your partner on a washable blanket.

Step 2 – Kneadful Things

Just placing your hands on your partner can start an intimate bond.

Rub, stroke, or press – which is best? It’s best to maintain constant skin contact when you’re giving an intimate massage so most people find that long strokes work best to keep this connection. Remember to start slowly and begin somewhere that isn’t sensitive or near an erogenous zone. It’s best to let the internal excitement build as your massage progresses.

Long, firm massage strokes are also key for getting blood flowing throughout your body and can help improve circulation. According to U.S. News, massage does indeed enhance blood flow and can yield additional benefits ranging from the mental to the physical.

Step 3 – Sexy Accessories

Should you use a product to enhance your massage?

Recently I came across a product that is perfect for elevating your sensual massage – the EVOKE series by Jimmyjane. These clever massagers have a vibrating motor inside their wheels, so instead of a numb hand, the sensation is felt wherever the EVOKE is rolled.

Although I loved the rumbly vibrations of the thick-wheeled EVOKE ROL-O Massage Wheel Vibrator, my favorite was the EVOKE DU-O Massage Wheel Vibrator because of the addition of a second motor in the handle that can be used for pinpoint pressure massage.

Vibration not your thing? Then allow me to introduce you to the Jimmyjane Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone.  This massage stone pairs perfectly with a massage candle and makes performing a hot stone massage in the privacy of your own home easy and convenient.

Step 4 – Stronger Orgasms

Your brain is a more powerful sexual organ than genitalia because it’s where sex drive stems from.

So by taking time to build a ‘touch connection’ through intimate massage, you’re creating a sensory pleasure experience that increases sexual arousal exponentially. Sharing a sensuous massage can excite the mind like no other source of stimulation, thereby adding a unique, heightened level of intense pleasure to sex play that extends from massage.

Some massage oils aren’t created for internal lubrication so check the bottle label.

Pro Tip: Coconut oil, which is a great source of nourishing vitamin E for skin, can be used as massage oil and also for internal lubrication.

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