3 Techniques for Powerful Clitoral Orgasms Every Time

The crazy thing is – both men and women alike are always on the lookout for ways to give their partners or themselves the often- elusive clitoral orgasm. Good news! There are a few handy techniques that may help.

Only 1 in 4 women can consistently orgasm during vaginal intercourse.

Over a span of 15 years Elisabeth Lloyd analyzed 33 separate studies from the past 80 years and shared her findings in her book, ‘The Case of the Female Orgasm’ (Harvard University Press). She concluded that only 25% of women consistently experience an orgasm during vaginal intercourse. This means that learning ways to enhance clitoral stimulation is actually necessary for some women.

Let’s start with a quick anatomy lesson:

The tip of the clitoris is sometimes called the “little man in the boat”. Just like the iceberg the Titanic struck, most of the clitoris is below the surface. To reach these forgotten depths, I recommend sliding your fingers on either side of the clitoral shaft to stimulate and engage the sensitive nerves below the surface.

I also suggest using a vibrator that offers a lower, deeper vibration. Some vibrators offer a higher pitched vibration, but in order to penetrate beneath the tip of your clitoris a low rumbling vibration will provide sensations that go deeper. If you’ve had difficulty in the past orgasming while using a vibrator, it may be due to the wrong type of motor.

Recently I was fortunate to be able to try three new Jimmyjane brand products – The LOVE PODS. And I found that each provided a different benefit for unique clitoral stimulation.

My Top Pick for ‘Below The Surface Clitoral Stimulation’ – The LOVE PODS – CORAL by Jimmyjane

Not only do the rounded ridges mirror the same feel of closed fingers, this petite stimulator has a deep, thumper vibrating motor that is pleasing deep into clitoral tissue – and it’s easily rolled over sensitive erogenous zones too.

Non-direct Clitoral Stimulation can be key:

Did you know that clitoris is the Greek word for key? Sometimes a woman’s clitoris is extremely sensitive – making direct stimulation uncomfortable. When using your hands to manually stimulate this region, try using only one finger and use gentle, flickering touches all around the clitoris without touching it directly. This simple method can bring your partner to the edge of pleasure with your consistent, gentle indirect stroking.

My Top Pick for ‘Indirect Clitoral Stimulation’ – The LOVE PODS – HALO by Jimmyjane

This intimate sex toy is unique because it offers the first-of-its-kind Cyclonic Technology vibration.  Don’t worry – I wasn’t sure what that was at first either.

HALO has three separate motors in three separate soft, silicone bumps. These motors “cycle” rotating vibration around the clitoris in varying patterns and degrees of intensity. This makes it the perfect toy for providing this tricky indirect, and highly arousing, type of clitoral stimulation.

The clitoris is home to 8,000 nerve endings in 4 quadrants – Where do you even start?

The clitoris is highly complex and you and your partner may not even know where to begin. It’s almost like learning how to drive a sophisticated race car without any instruction.


A good piece of advice? Focus on the quadrant of the clitoris that is most responsive and is believed to be responsible for the strongest orgasms.  In this case, concentrate your touch on the upper left quadrant with light touches in a circular motion. It may take several minutes for her body language to respond, but when it does, increase the pressure of your touch to take her to the next level. Patience is important here because by increasing your pressure as her body responds, her pleasure will continue to escalate to a mind-blowing climax.

My Top Pick for ‘Specific Pinpoint Clitoral Stimulation’ – LOVE PODS – OM by Jimmyjane

OM is unique because it’s designed to focus deep vibration directly onto a specific spot. This makes OM ideal for pinpointing the exact area of the clitoris which is most sensitive.

Pro Tip: With the clitoris being the key to sexual satisfaction for many women, it’s always good to learn more techniques, try different intimate toys and explore the multitude of pleasing sensations that a bundle of 8,000 nerve endings can provide. Your next adventure might be right between your legs.