Surprise! Oral Sex Play is Good for Your Health. Seriously.

I know what you’re thinking and, no, your significant other did not ask me to write this. So let’s break down the benefits.

Good for Him → Her:  Oral stimulation is a great way to arouse your female partner. Gentle sucking can help draw blood to this area, helping to make all her sensitive lady parts particularly responsive and energized.

Women ejaculate too and, just like semen, it also contains protein. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, female ejaculate is similar to semen and has high levels of protein, which can help build and repair bodily tissues.

The vagina is also home to probiotic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus – which is good for your gut. Research has found that a person would have to ingest a minimum of 10 grams of vaginal fluid for a true health benefit. But this makes oral sex one way to obtain a small dose of probiotics in a very sexy way.

Good for Her → Him:  Steak and BJ Day isn’t the only time to celebrate oral sex. Besides giving him a healthy climax because it helps keep his sperm fresh, it just so happens that semen is also healthy in a lot of different ways.

Semen contains cortisol, which is known to reduce stress and increase affection. Semen also contains the hormone oxytocin, which is also called the “Cuddle Hormone”. Oxytocin is a known mood enhancer.

Plus, semen contains melatonin, which aids in restful sleep, and serotonin, an antidepressant. But here’s the kicker ladies (I saved the best benefit for last!) – sperm contains a chemical known as Spermidine, which helps slow the rate that your cells age, keeping you looking younger longer! And you don’t need to smear it on your face – but you do need to swallow. And no, your significant other didn’t ask me to write that either.


Are you convinced yet?

My Oral Sex Toy Pick: This one was easy. Hands down (& mouths up) my favorite intimate product for enhancing an oral sex experience is the Jimmyjane FORM 5 Rechargeable Waterproof Vibrator. And trust me, the “waterproof” part is important if you’re performing oral sex to your full potential (wink, wink).

Why FORM 5? The Jimmyjane FORM 5 was specifically created for external stimulation – making it perfect for assisting with oral sex play.

Ladies, the supple, spreadable fluttering wings can hug the shaft of a penis while you nibble, kiss and lick the penis head – and is also great for testicle-tickling as well.

Gentlemen, the silicone wings of the FORM 5 vibrator can also be used to tempt and tease the clitoris and sensitive surrounding area with incredibly arousing sensation, seriously elevating your oral sex game.

With easy access to 5 speeds and 4 pulsation patterns, you can find just the right stimulation for each particular erogenous zone.

Pro Tip: Have you heard of the frenulum? The frenulum is the male equivalent of the female clitoris. And the FORM 5 placed underneath the head of the penis on the frenulum can provide toe-curling climaxes.