Sunny Rodgers, Book Contributor


I didn’t realize just how long it can take to write, edit, and publish a book. Wow. And that’s an understatement. 

When Denise Weisner interviewed me almost two years ago, I didn’t realize her book would take another couple of years to get to it’s perfected state. Well, I’m happy to say that her book is now available. 

Sunny Rodgers contributed to Conceiving with Love book

It was fun for me to be able to share some wisdom and advice with Denise and am very happy that I was able to contribute to her book – which is now available on Amazon here. 

As I continue to write my own books I am impressed by those around me who continue to inspire and motivate me. Birthing a book is not as easy as tossing words onto a page. But, for me, writing is a cathartic experience that I truly enjoy. 

Hopefully, I’ll be announcing my own published version of my book soon!

Happy reading!

xo, Sunny